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We are a disability-led community interest company. Our mission is to use our lived experience to produce inclusive videos and animations that empower individuals to live life on their own terms. 

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The best people to design and deliver videos for autistic and disabled people (or people who support autistic and disabled people) are autistic and disabled people.


We are experienced in filming in multiple areas across the south, talking with our clients so we can deliver on their vision and efficiently capture what we need. We're flexible and professional, sticking to production schedules and providing location recces, and working extensively to edit the videos so the final result shows the best of each shoot.

Anxiety can prevent some people from leaving their homes. The outside can be daunting for a number of reasons, from noise to crowds, but the scariest aspect is the unknown - what to expect. 


What's It Like? is a web app, where you can view a virtual tour comprised of 360° images of the inside and outside of a place you want to visit, before you leave your home. We can also offer video hotspots to explain things further. Whether it be a medical professional explaining a potentially stressful procedure, or a teacher talking through what they do, these videos can familarise the user with friendly faces and the enviroment to make the experience of vistiting a new place less stressful and more welcoming.

As a disabled person I would love for every company / venue / service to have something like this eventually one day! Vital tool both in terms of checking access but also familiarisation of an area.

These look fantastic!

Jenny / Service User

This will go out on our website, our appointment letters, and text messages so that people can follow the link and access information about our service and help to break down the big barriers that anxiety can cause.

Modern Matron / NHS

So useful!

It really opens my eyes to what I take for granted and makes it so much easier for people who have different ways of learning, sensing things or processing information to understand What’s It Like?

Early Years Mental Health Supervisor / NHS

An eye opener!

Proud to provide resources for

Solent NHS Trust
Enable Ability: working with disabled people
Inter Activ

Our team come from a range of different backgrounds. Our doors are open to any with the right skillset, regardless of their disabilty. Each member not only offers their own perspective from their lived experience but also the skills to create videos, virtual tours and more. 


To find out more about the team here at Autek, visit our About Us page.

@futurecoders SE: nurturing coding talent through work experience
ACoRNS Southampton: Autism Community Research Network
Gunwharf Quays: Waterfront Outlet Shopping
The finished product is amazing!

Autek spent a filming day with us and were so professional and considerate to the needs of our young people. They then worked with us every step of the way to put the film together. The film is now up on the school website for all to see and we would like to say a big thank you to Autek for working with us to create a film that is just for us!

Vice Principal and Head of Education / Specialist School for Children with Autism



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