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What's my anxiety?
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Being visually impaired can add a lot of obstacles in life that most people take for granted every day.  In this interview, Kieran talks about their experiences living with their disability. The challenges, how they overcome them, knowing when to reach out for help.


Animals have proven to be incredibly supportive and comforting in helping people cope with anxiety. For Bryony, her happy place is at the stables with the horses. Due to her cerebral palsy, finding a riding stable that is easily accessible is very important.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do when you're autistic is to mask. It's often an exhausting process that gets overlooked by the public eye. On the outside everyone thinks you're fine when really, it took so much strength just to leave the house that day. Watch Sarah's interview to hear more about her experiences with autism, anxiety, and dyspraxia.

"Everything requires a second thought, there are no habits anymore".


With the help of her loving companion, Gia, Hannah speaks about her experiences living with degenerative disk disease and fibromyalgia. How has she had to adapt to life with such recent changes? How does it affect her relationships? But most does Gia help?



Having an invisible disability comes with a number of everyday challenges, but thinking ahead can make all the difference sometimes. 


In Ameilia's interview, she'll walk you through how she plans her day to work around her dyslexia, dyspraxia, and dyscalculia.

Louis' interview is all about how they experience anxiety and their feelings about going outside. Taking you on a walk through their own town and showing their life through their own eyes.

After 2 years of pre-production and development, Autek proudly produces its first independent documentary, "What's my Anxiety?"


Eight people were interviewed for this film to share their unique experiences with anxiety. While anxiety affects each individual differently, it is crucial to acknowledge the effect it has on people with disabilities. Managing anxiety can become an additional thing to worry about on top of the adaptions they already have to make to get through life. How do these people find ways of overcoming their anxiety? Can we learn anything from their shared experiences? See the trailer below.

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