Immersive technology to help overcome anxiety


What’s It Like? is conceived, created and tested by those living with anxiety, who themselves identified the need; meaning it will make genuine change for these peoples’ lives. The result is the creation of virtual tours, informational and point-of-view videos that can make a real difference.

The Concept


Many people have anxiety which makes it difficult for them to access places that they want to and engage in activities that are of interest. Often the solution is quite simple, and can be found in the answer to the question “What’s It Like?”

Our Approach


Our approach is a supported, step-by-step, experience gradually increasing the level of immersion to ensure that anxiety is managed and that the goal of attendance is achieved, and that over time our users develop new skills of managing their anxiety through the use of technology.

The Benefits


Caring organisations that want to develop stronger community links, increased customer base, improved attendance rates, and to be more inclusive employers can do so by enjoying the talent that is currently stifled by anxiety.

Here are some of our virtual tours, created in collaboration with Inter Activ. Click the titles to see the full set of content on the What's It Like? web app: