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-Communities Against Cancer-

How does cancer develop? What is the body's response to it? Are there preventive measures that can be taken? In this informative and captivating animatic, the white blood cells called Lymphocyte B and T will embark on a quest to unveil the cause of the body's reaction.

This animation is a part of our What's my Anxiety documentary. It tackles the subject of PTSD, telling one person's story of how hard it was to go on living after what the went through. They describe their feelings to be like Sugar Glass. Easily breakable, doesn't leave a mark. 

In 2022, the Solent NHS launched a program called “Young Inspectors”, designed for teenagers and young adults interested in volunteering at the NHS. The objective was to assess the effectiveness of specific children’s services and identify areas for improvement.

An animatic is a condensed form of animation. It serves as a visual representation of a storyboard that showcases the desired final product with appropriate sound effects, voice acting, and precise timing. If you are unable to allocate sufficient time or funds for us to create a complete animation, why not consider opting for the closest alternative?

What is an animatic?

Logan Rebello:Senior animator

Our Senior animator Logan Rebello has been professionally storyboarding and animating for 3 years. He's trained with Disney Animator Aaron Blaise to produce animated works in his freetime, for college, and for eventually for work. 


He specialises in 2D hand drawn animation but there are various styles of animation he can adapt to many styles such as *Vyond and *Puppeting. See this page for examples our animation and animatic work. 

Disability Confident Committed