About us

We create a safe working environment for autistic people and people with disabilities or anxiety, to let them use their talents to create products and services for other autistic people and people with disabilities or anxiety.


We provide a new pathway to employment, and hope, for our beneficiaries and their support networks.

Who are we?

Dr Steve Bond

Alex Carter

Nathan Kiley

Since 2017, Steve has been developing services that help autistic or disabled young people find employment that engages their talents and meets their interests.

He particularly enjoys working with groups of people with very different perspectives and bringing together these different world views into creating a product or service. It was through this process, involving in excess of 20 autistic people, that What’s It Like? and, later, Autek was born.

Alex is an autistic filmmaker and editor from Southampton who, since 2012, has produced videos for organisations such as Ordnance Survey and the University of Winchester, as well as the charities Autism Hampshire and Healthwatch. Continuing from this work to Autek was a natural progression for Alex, who has worked on What’s It Like? since its inception. A selection of video and photography work can be found at Alex’s website

Nathan is a film editor with experience working for the Autism Ambassador Scheme and the National Autistic Society.

Nathan was introduced to What’s It Like? and Autek because he is on the autism spectrum and has struggled with anxiety, so has hopes to bring this experience to help others who are struggling.

Logan Rebello

Logan is a high performing graduate of creative media production. Skilled in filmaking, sound design, editing, animation and storyboarding, his efforts with Dimensions won multiple national awards for making significant changes to autism friendly cinema. He knows how to communicate through different mediums, speaks multiple languages and knows basic BSL.

Everyone deserves to have their voice heard so he was happy to work for Autek if it meant reducing anxiety for people on the autism spectrum, such as himself, as well as helping to make venues more open and accessible to those with a range of different needs.

Ele Marr

Ele Marr is an artist and writer and editor living in the West Country. A digital artist, she has worked on book covers, poster art and webcomics, as well as running a regular stall for her sculpture and textile art. Her passions for mental health awareness and LGBT representation are represented in her work, and she lives with Cystic Fibrosis, depression, anxiety*, her partner and a whippet.




Her artwork can be found on Instagram @seaflowerinst, and she documents her various writing projects/general existence on Twitter @errymarr.

Arron Gumbrell

Arron is a filmmaker and photographer diagnosed with verbal dyspraxia from a young age. Arron currently runs his own production company, One Way Mirror Films, as well as working with other companies, offering his services.

As someone who suffers from occasional anxiety, Arron is glad to bring first-hand experience of anxiety to his role at Autek and the What’s It Like? application.

Business Manager

Senior Video Producer

Video Editor

Senior Animator

Video Producer


Business Development Manager

Kieran McGarry

Kieran is an actor, director and writer with an MA in Performance Training, currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Plymouth.

He is specifically interested in creating performances for disabled actors and hopes to make education and employment a more inclusive place for disabled people, while enabling them to follow their interests and show their skills in creative and interesting ways.

Business Support Officer

Laura Cantliff

Laura is a disability advocate and dance practitioner currently based in Devon. She is also a doctorate student at the University of Plymouth, conducting PhD research that explores creative arts practices for neurodivergent students. As an autistic ADHDer, Laura is dedicated to supporting the disabled community and creating a more accessible and inclusive world. In her spare time Laura enjoys playing her ukulele, eating cake and collecting badges.

Video Producer

Louis Weston

Louis has been a filmmaker since 2008, and is a graduate of Bsc (Hons) Television and Broadcasting from University of Portsmouth, as well as a self-taught video editor, director and producer, with a horrible coffee addiction and an obsession with Doctor Who. Louis enjoys watching videos and TV, playing video games and Dungeons & Dragons. Louis has a bunch of useless knowledge about TV shows, and pub quiz trivia.

Disability Confident Committed